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Using a total and integrated change process is the key to delivering real and substantial D&I business gains

The solution is to build an inclusive culture where everyone is fully engaged and able to focus their full attention on delivering the strategic priorities. IDC enables its clients to do this by guiding them on best practices to underpin their D&I strategies with the vital inclusion change drivers: leadership message and example; communications and engagement; awareness and capability raising; measurement, including the culture change. Additionally, we help them ‘pull’ through the culture change by developing a compelling vision of being an organisation which delivers success by being inclusive to all of its stakeholders. We show them how to ‘push’ the change by generating employee dissatisfaction with how things are now. Equally important, we help them to focus their efforts on the priority changes that will deliver the most impact and to sequence them according to their implementation difficulty. We know too that the degree of change will be limited if employees aren’t supported in meeting the challenges of working and behaving in new ways and building different and new relationships. All of these strands make up a total and integrated process and IDC provides the deep experience and expertise to help clients successfully mainstream this. The business gains can be outstanding which is of particular importance in periods of recession.

This is about really delivering D&I business benefits, i.e. significant profit generation or efficiency gains.

So, we are not just talking about managing risks, e.g. Equality Impact Assessments; although this is important in its own right. We’re talking about getting sustained: efficiency gains; increased productivity; better and more creative problem-solving; more targeted and efficient service delivery; increased retention and upwards mobility of talent from under-represented groups. We pioneered this approach some 15 years ago in the largest office of a financial services organisation and, in two years, it transformed itself from being a poor performer to being one of the best in its Group. It was a case study subject for a full page business article in the Sunday Telegraph. A bank, IDC worked with, was so pleased with the gains it achieved it asked us back 5 years later to help it repeat the process.


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