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IDC & leading employment law firm, SMAB, launch a groundbreaking joined up Organisation Development Consulting and Legal Service

IDC Monthly Best Practice: Nov 2011

IDC & leading employment law firm, SMAB, launch a groundbreaking joined up Organisation Development Consulting and Legal Service

IDC has always specialised in helping organisations, both in the private and public sectors, transform their organisations to deliver business change strategies fast and sustainably. These have included developing and delivering strategies to: become more customer responsive; turnaround the business; reduce costs; outsource activities; create shared service; drive mergers and acquisitions (M&A); obtain the bottom-line benefits from building inclusive, engaging cultures. In these interventions we use IDC’s expertise in applying its Integrated Organisation Development Framework to optimise outcomes and ensure the changes are embedded and sustained. This drives fast and successful delivery by ensuring that:

1.     The organisation is assembled to deliver the strategy effectively and efficiently.

2.     Leadership behaviour is aligned with the strategy to drive its delivery.

3.     The business processes are changed to embed the strategy and sustain it.

The real performance benefits come from doing all of this in an integrated manner and underpinning the delivery with best practice change management methodology.

We are now taking integration a stage further in that IDC, together with its legal strategic partner, Simons, Muirhead and Burton (SM&B), is offering a joined up Organisation Development (OD) and Legal Service. SM&B positions itself as the firm of choice for clients wanting cost-effective, proactive advice on strategic and day-to-day human resource issues so its clients receive real value for money and a bigger return on the investment they make in its services. The joined up service will mean that clients not only receive best practice OD consultancy support in delivering their strategies but also they will also be able to access cost-effective and proactive guidance on the legal aspects of the changes they are planning, e.g. outsourcing activities, TUPE requirements, redundancy selections and consultations, contract variations, M&A strategies, Equality Act requirements and internal investigations etc.

We are not aware of any other joined up service of this kind and are introducing it because we know from past experience that clients currently have separate discussions with legal experts before they can implement a new OD strategy. In the current economic climate, it is critical to ensure speedy implementation particularly when boards and top teams are under pressure to deliver rapid financial gains and efficiencies.  Change strategy delivery is not only faster but more effective when it is planned in an integrated and holistic manner and this inevitably includes the early assessment of legal liability and consequences.   

We look forward to introducing you to this new joined up OD and legal service and to working with you to enable you to deliver fast and sustainable organisational change and in a manner which minimises legal hassles.

Dr Ian Dodds, iandodds@iandoddsconsulting.com, 31 Oct 2011


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