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Your diversity strategy must emphasise the need to build a productive, inclusive and meritocratic culture for all!


IDC has undertaken strategic diversity and inclusion work in more than 21 different countries for global clients.

This has involved carrying out global diversity diagnostics to determine the gender, race and ethnicity and generational issues for clients' employees and help them formulate global strategies to address them. Additionally, we are now helping one client engage their employees throughout their worldwide offices in implementing its diversity and inclusion strategy.

As part of this, a team of IDC consultants and actors has just returned from Beijing where they have been helping this client's Chinese employees determine what behaviours are appropriate and inappropriate for creating an inclusive work environment in their culture. The employees have examined inclusive behaviours in relation to race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation and generational differences. Incidentally, this has been a new experience for the Chinese participants and their feedback indicates that they found the experience highly enlightening and motivating.

One of the key findings to come out of IDC's global work is that executives, managers and employees particularly in Europe and Asia, tend to be deeply suspicious of the strategic emphasis for diversity being on improving the work environment for minority employees and targeting increased numbers of people from these backgrounds in the various levels of management.

Instead, they are positively motivated to put real effort into diversity when the emphasis is on building a culture where each employee experiences as productive, inclusive and meritocratic whatever their difference. An attraction of this emphasis is that it is immediately obvious that pursuing this aim will bring business performance benefits. It is also increases the representation of minorities in management.

IDC's consultants, because of their global experience and in-depth knowledge of the drivers of culture change, are uniquely qualified to help international organisations gain the business dividend that ia available from building an inclusive culture encompassing all differences, both visible and invisible.

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