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Ian Dodds Consulting’s (IDC) Monthly Best Practice: July 2017

By Ian Dodds – The Inclusion Builder

How I became an Award Winning Lifetime Achiever in building Inclusive Cultures

On Thursday, 22 July, I received the 2017 Lotus Award Lifetime Achievement for Pioneering Inclusive Cultures at a memorable event at the Royal Society of Arts in London. Regular readers will know that I first discovered the potential of Inclusive Cultures to deliver high performance when I developed the approach to turn around a failing chemicals factory. This was around 40 years ago and I have repeated that achievement with many different organisations.

My first activity in helping an organisation to build an Inclusive Culture to deliver high performance is to help its leadership team develop a vision of success in, say, 3 years’ time. This is then communicated via the management chain across the organisation and each team is asked their views on what will help and what will hinder the delivery of the vision. This is fed back and collated and taken account of when I help the leadership team develop a strategy for delivering the vision of success in, say, 3 years’ time. This is then communicated across the organisation and each team is asked to identify its contributions to the strategy. This is then fed back to the Change Steering Group. This has the task of monitoring progress with delivering the vision and ensuring that any blockages to implementation are identified and addressed. It also identifies any task groups that need to be set up to find solutions to any major hindering factors.

I then arrange for all the managers right down to the front line to be trained to:

  1. Be interactively effective using my Interactive Effectiveness Tool.

  2. Empower people.

  3. Help their team members identify their talents and develop them.

Next, I work with the leadership team to enable them to identify the behaviours that they need to role model to drive the change strategy. We also agree a means of their receiving feedback and coaching on their practice of the behaviours.

We then look at changes which need to be made to any of the business processes or the design of the organisation to facilitate the delivery of the vision.

Finally, the Change Steering Group collects stories of success in implementing the new vision and ensures these are communicated across the organisation to reinforce and drive the implementation of the vision of future success

If you would like to know more about this hugely successful approach to building Inclusive Cultures to deliver high performance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr Ian Dodds FRSA, 



29 June 2017

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