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Ian Dodds Consulting’s (IDC) Monthly Best Practice: Sep 2013

IDC launches the IDC Academy Online: http://idcacademyonline.com/

Increasingly clients and coaches and mentees of IDC are wanting to access learning and development online. In response to this demand IDC has launched the IDC Academy Online: http://idcacademyonline.com/. This is a most exciting development which has been designed and setup with IDC’s eLearning partner XoR. At the moment it offers the following online courses:

Flexible Working

Diversity, Equality and Discrimination

Harassment and Victimisation

Equal Opportunities in the Workplace:

-        Recruitment and Selection;

-        Parents in Employment

Avoiding and Dealing with:

-       Sex Discrimination;

-       Disability Discrimination;

-       Race Discrimination;

-       Age Discrimination;

-       Sexual Orientation Discrimination;

-       Religious or Belief Discrimination;

-       Gender Reassignment Discrimination

An Introduction to Time Management:

-        The Importance of Setting Goals in Time Management;

-        Deciding Priorities;

-        Planning and Scheduling;

-        Managing Disruption and Keeping Focused

Creating ‘SMARTER’ Objectives


-        Preparing for the Presentation;

-        The Presentation

Questioning Skills:

-        Why are Questions Important?

-        Using Open and Closed Questions;

-        Using Probing Questions

Listening Skills:

-        An Introduction to Listening;

-        Removing the Barriers to Listening;

-        Becoming a Better Listener

A Background to Body Language:

-        Understanding Body Language;

-        Using Body Language in the Workplace;

-        Silent Selling – Using Body Language in Sales

An Introduction to Meetings and Meeting Types:

-        Organising and Running Effective Meetings;

-        Meeting Behaviour, Dealing with Problem Characters


The Role of the Coach

Job Analysis, Job Descriptions and Person Specifications

An Introduction to Health and Safety at Work

Display Screen Equipment and Workstation Safety

All of these online courses can be accessed by registering on the academy online and paying for each through PayPal.

Over the next few months we shall be adding more courses and an IDC Academy Online Faculty who will be available for coaching and mentoring. However, if you have any particular ideas for the development of the academy please do let us know.

Dr Ian Dodds,


31 Aug 2013


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