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September 2010 Diversity & Inclusion Best Practice
Ian Dodds Consulting (IDC) launches its award winning services in Accra, Ghana
Exciting developments in IDC means that this best practice is a new venture’s announcement about the launching of an IDC office in Accra, Ghana in September. This represents IDC’s commitment to offering its highly effective transformational change delivery expertise to the emerging markets in Africa. IDC is already playing a major part in the development of the Kyberman Foundation in Nigeria. This will offer training, consultancy and academic study opportunities to meet the demand that exists across Africa for the modernisation of Government practices.
I am delighted to announce that Koffi Williams LLB (Hons), MBA, will be CEO (Ghana) of the IDC office in Ghana and will lead the development and delivery of its services. Koffi is an OD and Human Development specialist with over 20 years experience in providing consultancy and training services to clients from a range of sectors and across several continents, including Africa, Europe, and the United States. He has worked as an Advisor to the Mayor of London’s Office and other large UK Public Bodies. As a Consultant of international repute, his many assignments include undertaking public sector reform projects sponsored by the UNDP and the World Bank in Ghana and Liberia and acting as an Advisor to the International Labour Office on child labour, HIV/AIDs and equality issues.  
The Ghana office will offer best practice Organisational and Human Development consultancy support and training to the private, Governmental and non-Governmental sectors. These services will be provided on a Pan-African basis. In particular, it will specialise in delivering services concerned with:
1.    Modernising Government for efficiency and effectiveness gains, including state-of the-art electronic delivery of policy formulation and services.
2.      Organisation design to optimise decision-making, communications and cost reductions.
3.      Fast and successful change management interventions to deliver effectiveness and efficiency gains rapidly.
4.      Enabling Government and Corporate businesses to be effective multi-national and global operators.
5.      Helping organisations adopt best practices to advance high potential women and other minorities  into positions of authority and influence.
6.      Devising Sustainable Strategies for National Development.
7.      Developing and delivering Human Rights and Equalities.
8.      Enhancing Democracy and Civic participation.
9.      Combating HIV, AIDS.
This is the first of several exciting developments for IDC aimed at it having a major presence in the emerging markets of Africa and Asia. Both Koffi and I will be pleased to discuss with interested parties how IDC, through its new Accra office, can help institutions and enterprises in Ghana, and more widely in Africa, use best practice OD, leadership and  change management approaches to deliver significant effectiveness and efficiency gains.
Dr Ian Dodds

29 Aug 2010

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